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What we Do

Bacteria and fungi have the enzymes to access micronutrients, whilst your crops produce sugars and protein that feeds them. Among a myriad of potential exchange scenarios the most important is the grazing of protozoa and nematodes. By eating the bacteria and fungi, these micro-graziers release nutrients in plant available form right where your plant needs it – next to the root. Instead of guessing your plants’ needs, allow this army of willing workers to produce just the right amounts of what they need, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without supervision.

“Thanks to you too Daniel, what a great day I had, there’s so much that we know about soil and don’t know too. But by looking closely at it we can learn so much more, can’t wait to get out on clients farms and dig up some samples and see what’s really going on!”

Clyde Jones

Regenerative Agronomist

“Soil Ecology Laboratory has been providing microbial analyses of soil/rhizosphere samples for us over a period of several years now; we have found the lab a pleasure to work with and their service is both friendly and efficient.  The short time frame for receiving analysis results every time is very helpful to our business.”


Angus Horticulture Ltd

“Measuring, managing and regenerating our soils is critical for ‘all’ health as we know it. It was a pleasure working with Daniel Tyrkiel and his team last weekend to learn more about our beautiful biology and how we can achieve amazing results.”

John Haywood

Unium Bioscience

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