Soil Ecology Laboratory was created to fulfill two goals. The first one is to reliably produce a soil food web inoculum which would allow you to move to a regenerative way of farming without sacrificing yields. The second is to build the evidence base to give us all confidence in using these naturally occuring microbes to grow a variety of crops without the need for synthetic fertilisers or crop protection agents.

We are still very early in our journey, and here you can find out how we can support you at this stage, and monitor our progress in the future.

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Microscopy Services

We offer a standard Soil Food Web microscopy assay. It consists of a total count of bacteria, fungi, protozoa and nematodes per ml of your soil or compost (including Johnson-Su piles). If you would like us to perform the assays for you, download the sampling and posting instructions below:

If you would like to see what our reports look like, download them here:

Microscopy Training

The total count of soil food web microbes was developed to be a fast assessment that even a busy farmer could learn in order to monitor the changes in their soils throughout the year. If you or someone in your team are ready to pick up the challenge, we provide training approved by dr. Ingham and the Soil Food Web School.

The Next Step

You have tested your soil, and found it lacking in beneficial microbes. You would like to change that. We are working hard to provide you with a reliable soil food web inoculum to restart the natural processes which your crops evolved with.

We’re not there yet, and if you’d like us to share our progress with you, leave us your email here. We hate spam as much as you, and promise that we won’t be sharing it with anyone.

Who we are

We are a team of passionate individuals who came together to tackle some of the challenges present in our world. We’re very lucky to be supported by a credible team of advisors and investors. Click below to learn more.