Bacteria and fungi have the enzymes to access micronutrients, whilst your crops produce sugars and protein that feeds them. Among a myriad of potential exchange scenarios the most important is the grazing of protozoa and nematodes. By eating the bacteria and fungi, these micro-graziers release nutrients in plant available form right where your plant needs it – next to the root. Instead of guessing your plants’ needs, allow this army of willing workers to produce just the right amounts of what they need, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without supervision.

Soil Biology Testing

We offer a standard Soil Food Web microscopy assay. It consists of a total count of bacteria, fungi, protozoa and nematodes per ml of your soil or compost (including Johnson-Su piles). If you would like us to perform the assays for you, download the sampling and posting instructions below:

If you would like to see what our reports look like, download it here:

Microscopy Training

The total count of soil food web microbes was developed to be a fast assessment that even a busy farmer could learn in order to monitor the changes in their soils throughout the year. If you or someone in your team are ready to pick up the challenge, we provide training approved by Dr. Ingham and the Soil Food Web School.

After a busy training session.

The one day intensive training will give you the ability to easily perform your soil analysis or to check if the compost you are about to purchase has adequate biology for your needs. The spreadsheet you will be working with will summarise the results automatically so that the numbers are spelled out in plain English.

Try it out on your land

After finishing a validation trial this year on spring barley, we are confident in our ability to perform commercial trials. Therefore we are now open to clients signing up for 5-10Ha trials for 2022.

See the full report below, but in summary, with less than perfect biology applications we have achieve as much as 88% of conventional yield, whilst control was as low as 41%

The Next Step

You have tested your soil, and found it lacking in beneficial microbes. You would like to change that. We are working hard to provide you with a reliable soil food web inoculum to restart the natural processes which your crops evolved with.

If you would like to register for a trial, test your soil, get trained on the microscope or have any other questions answered, please drop us a line at admin at soilecologylab dot co dot uk, or give us a ring on 079 2626 8349

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