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An entire soil ecosystem in a bottle. Build soil health faster than ever before, and save money on synthetic inputs . The shipping cost is included in the price

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This product contains hundreds of species of beneficial bacteria, fungi, protozoa and nematodes grown using compost as an incubator in a controlled process. Together they compose a healthy soil ecosystem designed to support your crops. Most agricultural soils have deficient or dysfunctional soil food webs, and this product acts as a shot in the arm for your most valuable asset – your soil. It is a product that saves you all the time, effort and money in learning and managing composting by giving you the final product with test results. NutriBridge offers you all the benefits of compost without the need for learning, managing, extracting, or brewing. It’s like having the best elements of compost in a convenient bottle. It is the most difficult piece of the regenerative agriculture puzzle provided ready to use.

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The most convenient way to replenish your soil food web.

  • No need to spend years perfecting compost making – we’ve done that work.
  • No need to buy more equipment for extracting or brewing – it’s ready to use. Just plop it into the water filled tank with recirculation switched on, and you’re ready to go.

The most valuable part of good compost is its biology. NutriBridge is a refined extract of inoculation grade compost and is not only rich in microbes – it’s the only product like this on the UK market which comes with a batch number and a count of fungi and nematodes – two elements your soil ecosystem usually is lacking. We have also tested it for nutritional content and potential functions based on its DNA. It has little to no smell but it is a live product, ready to start working in your soil to support your crop.

  • Beneficial fungi – instead of buying individual “bugs in a jug”, here you have hundreds of species of fungi that have grown together in a healthy environment and are ready to be fed by your crop in exchange for nutrients from the soil. Yes, even trichoderma appears on the DNA scan.
  • Beneficial bacteria – your soil already have them, but this is just an extra boost to the population, and in the worst case, they act like “micro fertiliser bags” carrying nutrients ready to use for your plants.
  • Protozoa – the bacteria in your soil scavenge nutrients, including the nitrogen you put on. Protozoa act like the Swiss Army Knife that opens them up and release these nutrients in plant available form, whenever your plant requires them.
  • Beneficial nematodes – as opposed to root feeders – are needed in the same manner as protozoa – they provide mineralisation of nutrients in the soil. When bacteria capture nitrogen, without nematodes, only about 20% reaches the plant. With nematodes and protozoa, mineralisation rate reaches 100%.
  • We’ve also tested its mineral composition and found it to be very close to “perfect soil” as described by William Albrecht.

It is a new and experimental product, but in a sense it’s not new at all. It encapsulates all that we know about using great compost into a conveniently applied format. The experimental side of it is in that it gives you and us the first opportunity for mass trials with a high quality product of the same origin on many farms at once. This finally gives the UK agriculture the opportunity to test the use of healthy soil biology in a practical setting with repeatibility.

What can you use it on?

  • Wheat
  • Barley
  • Pasture
  • Cover crop mixes
  • On a smaller scale we have also tested it on radishes, chillies, carrots and hemp. Our clients have also reported positive effects on trees and shrubs.

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