Johnson-Su Bioreactor Supercharger!


The amendmend mix which has allowed us to reach very high fungal count in our compost.

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Here it is, after all that wait. It is the same product we’ve used in our bulk production compost, which will eventually result in our high quality Goop.

What do you feed the fungi to make it grow faster? Calcium, sulphur, a bit of nitrogen, keratin, chitin and minerals. The same kind of stuff that a gourmet mushroom grower might use. It allows the fungal hyphae to establish in the pile and then attack the bulk material in force. This in turn can help speed up the decomposition of wood chips which unlocks more nutrients.

We’ve used this method to achieve a favourable amount of fungi in our piles and that allowed us to have meaningful amounts of it in our extract and The Goop.

It’s possible that your JS bioreactor will reach maturity faster than 12 months with this mix, and you can check that with your own microscope, or by sending us a sample for assessment.

Start with fresh woody materials, as this helps start the microbes on the main bulk materials.

Supercharge your compost today with the same exact mix we are using!

One bucket is enough for one JS bioreactor. Add 200ml of Goop whilst your at it for the best results!

Limited stock. This is batch one. If it sells well, we’ll make more, otherwise we’ll keep it all to ourselves 🙂

The cost accounts for shipping of the 20kg bucket anywhere in the UK.

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