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The Goop is our experimental product which our customers use to grow a variety of plants, but here we suggest using it as a starter for your JS compost pile.

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This is a refined extract of inoculation grade compost. It’s the first product on the market which not only boast that it has lots of microbes in it, but also quantifies them. Each batch comes with a number and totals for fungi and nematodes.

We’re still finding out what it can do. We’ve used it with arable crops, pastures, and potted plants.

Use the 200ml for one Johnson-Su bioreactor when preparing it (1 – 2m3). You can also try and use it with fresh green waste compost or vermicompost and mature them as if it were JS piles.

Here’s what some of our customers had to say:


We invested in a large batch of goop because we planted a 400 tree shelterbelt in very sad looking soil in an extremely exposed spot. In the first year we were delighted and surprised to only lose 10% of the trees, which was impressive and we put it down to Daniel’s product. Ordinarily we may well have lost 30%. We are also grateful that he shares his knowledge and encourages shared learning at his weekly online gatherings.


I really liked the concept of the goop and I recommended you to my friends. All of us who used it came out with brilliant results. I will be honest and say that there were a number of different products tried and so without a true control it is hard to say how much benefit it gave by itself, however the soil health only improved after applying the goop and plants gave a positive reaction to it. My latest purchase has been Welsh worms vermicompost and so I have my eyes out for what soilsmith bring to market in the near future to keep trying out the latest and greatest growing ideas.


I used The Goop in a domestic garden situation on my herbaceous borders, bog garden, woodland area, roses, shrubs and trees and the growth rate and health of my garden showed a marked improvement.  I used a 200ml tub of The Goop on my front and back garden covering an area of about 150m2. To give some idea of my location and soil type, I am situated in the south of England in West Sussex about a mile from the sea.  My soil is mostly PH7 and is very free draining, however, there are a couple of areas where the PH is 5.5 – 6, which is near 2 very large Western Red Cedar trees.  After using The Goop I experienced less mildew on my perennials, especially my phlox and helianthus, which in previous years were covered in mildew.  I also noticed that for the first time in 6 years my peony had more than the one flower, in fact 9 flowers, amazing!  I do not use any other chemicals on my garden.


I was introduced to The Goop by garden designer Bunny Guinness on her Youtube channel, who I know has had great success with The Goop on her vegetable plot.  Daniel always keeps me up to date with the latest news and research and all the information about his products are on his website Soilsmiths or on LinkedIn.  Happy Gardening.


I have found the Goop to be a convenient and effective product to inoculate a growing medium with microbes. I was surprised how little it took to cause a huge increase in yield in a controlled radish trial. Highly recommended for its convenience, efficiency and content – I don’t know of any other source of such microbial diversity in one go.


Goop is Great. I loved microbes, and then I bought some goop and I was introduced to soooo many microbes I didn’t know what to do with myself. There’s compost nerds and then there’s compost nerds, and I’d put myself in the latter category. And I can tell you, this stuff is the real deal, no BS.


We are organic farmers and have been keen to boost our soil structure and natural nutrient cycling by enhancing our soil biology. Our research into the soil food web brought is to the Soil Ecology Lab. We have used both the Goop and Compost and both are full of beneficial biology, which is so often not the case with other products on the market. Thank you for helping us heal our soil!



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